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Removal of toxins

removal of toxins

All healing strategies must begin with detoxification. Removal of toxic residues that accumulate inside your body is central to a successful cleansing. If you're already fit, but are lacking in certain areas, a detox-fasting plan can be crucial to breaking through obstacles holding you back. My broad spectrum enzymes can harness unused proteins in your blood, thereby generating more energy for workouts. These enzymes are dual purpose since they also digest mucous in your sinus and gut that cause allergy symptoms, congestion and lead to sinus infections. The break down of medium chain, inflammatory proteins promotes weight loss and is used to enhance muscle definition by promoting lean body mass.

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Repair of tissue cells

repair of tissue cells

Using regenerative formulas, including homeopathic, herbal, vitamin, mineral and other cell signaling combinations, plus movement therapies including stretching, yoga, spinning, or zumba, for instance, increase circulation. Advanced healing and repair pushes the envelope of cellular regeneration.

In many instances our selection of supplements contain ingredients like protomorphogens (animal tissue cell- determinants), cytosol extracts, tissue precursor nutrients and cell salts...

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Restore energetics

tissue restore energetics

When cells heal and repair, your body tissues improve in both quantity and quality - Quantum Healing. That means tighter skin because of denser cell structure, more vibrant eyes, healthier-thicker hair, stronger nails and a livelier personality. Patient’s have reported improvement in their vision, greater flexibility, more energy, better sleeping patterns, less anxiety, and better concentration...

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anti aging remedies packages

Performance Packages

As a follow-up to the reparative phase, and for those not requiring intensive support, we’ve designed three individualized “performance package” protocols. They are targeted respectively toward, strength, endurance and flexibility. The most frequent injured tissue is the tendon attachment. By strengthening the attachments of muscles to bones, greater loads can be placed on the joints. This is particularly evident in knee, hip and ankle joints. Enhanced uptake of fluids and oxygen by the muscle can lead to bigger gains with seemingly much less effort. By loading muscles with glycogen, oxygen and water, the muscle failure envelope is expanded, which can lead to more work, greater gains.

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